The DigitalCanvas is a modular, integrated off the shelf solution, comprised of 1-foot by 1-foot tiles of color, light and motion. The SmartTile is the building block of the DigitalCanvas and combined with our integrated, simple control system can be used to create unique, compelling and interactive environments.

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(dé·ga·gé adjective 1. unconcerned or unconstrained; relaxed.)

Introducing Dégagé by Lellan, a complete DigitalCanvas™ standalone piece that can be customized to your design.

Dégagé consists of a pre-configured design with SmartTiles mounted to a backboard that can simply be hung on a wall. The package comes with the Lellan Powerbox 500 and Smarthub and ten pieces of dynamic content.

Like all DigitalCanvas™ products, Dégagé can be controlled with any device or PC and the user can change content with the touch of a button.